graphic design

Books artwork, flyers, brochures, comic books lettering, font creation...
Our printing skills enable us to generate high res pdf files.
Technical skills : Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarXPress, Acrobat Pro, Pitstop.
Our last work :

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With years of experience in the publishing community, we can assist you and advise you. For all your editorials, editorial ZORNosphère performs tracking, proofreading, correcting, rewriting manuscripts.

ZORNosphère knows how to make books, its production, its technical limitations. We produce beautiful books, of excellent quality. This know-how , we put it at your disposal to help you achieve the best product.

Thus, we can handle the relationship with printers, by developing a precise schedule production.


Online literary project. Search for authors, editing, proofreading, upload.

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For all your publishing projects, ZORNosphère supports publishing tracking: relationship author, proofreading, corrections, followed by print tracking.

Creation and execution of your layouts, professional expertise is at your disposal to achieve your most beautiful layout. Paper books, comics, lettering, typography ...

Need a beautiful website to promote your products? Feel free to ask us for a quote.

Contact us for more information, tell us what you need and the nature of your project.

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Delve into the intricacies of schizophrenia ...
Online literary project ZORNproject includes texts around a theme: writing and schizophrenia.

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Based in Paris.
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web design

Together, we define the website you need, a showcase for your business that suits you.

We guide and advise you on the steps at a subscriber host by presenting various products and following you in the subscription process to get the best space you need on the web.